Mika Azuma

She currently teaches:

Yoga for Kapha

Yoga for Pitta

Yoga for Vata

Myofascial Release


Mika started her yoga journey in 2008 in Japan while searching for an effective exercise to work with a high-stress office working environment. She thoroughly enjoyed it and found it her life-long mission to translate the knowledge of yoga to others. That inspired her to be certified as yoga instructor at LAVA in 2009.

As she experienced dynamic changes in her life, she discovered the important connection between physical and mind. After she moved to Singapore in 2013, her interest in wellness expanded to Ayurveda.

She completed her Ayurveda Therapist Training Course 500H under Dr. Satyam at Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore, and was certified as Ayurveda Therapist in 2019. At the same time, she studied about Yoga again to be certified as RYT 200. Since then, she has been conducting Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy on patients with various diseases. Her intention is always to work with and help people’s health.

Her yoga class is based on Ayurveda principles. Our body is different individually and not everybody can get the same benefit from a class. Ayurveda based yoga can maximize the benefit from yoga depending on your current condition.

Her certifications are as follows:

  • RYT 200 in 2019
  • AFC (Ayurveda foundation course) in 2018
  • ATTC 500H (Ayurveda therapist training course) in 2019
  • Yin & Myofascial TT (To be certified soon)
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